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Where to start?

Fundraising – Money, Money, Money

When it came to the daunting challenge of raising £2450 I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. So, here are some tips, tricks and ideas for anyone that is doing some fundraising of their own.

My first move:
My first move was to break the target down and start to think of potential events, writing down
targets for each event, to make sure it was achievable before even signing up! As soon as I realised, with the events I had in mind I could achieve it, I signed up and got my first event date booked in at a venue. I was very lucky in the fact that the venues I chose, allowed me to hold events free of charge as it was for charity. My first event was an afternoon tea held at my local village church followed by a quiz a few weeks later at my local football club. Target different groups of people instead of just asking the same people for money all the time.

afternoon tea joannePrizes:
For these events, I needed prizes. Prizes for my Christmas raffle, as well as prizes for the quiz. Good prizes and a high chance of winning means people are more likely to enter! I emailed companies, restaurants, spas and everywhere I could think of for prizes or donations. Most companies preferred to give a prize rather than a donation which was fine as more prizes means more people entering which means more money! A way I found was good in persuading people to donate a prize was to promise to give the donor recognition and if they donate money, promise to give a review on your return so they can see where their money went.

Make people want to stay:
At the events, the key is to think about ways to make people stay and to make people spend (without realising they are spending so much). For example, throwing pound coins at a bottle of whisky (someone donated) to win the bottle made me around £50! You don’t notice giving away the odd pound coin and when lots of people do it, you’re winning…

Who do you know?
I then started to think about who I know and how they can help me to spread the word to raise the funds I needed. Turns out, with family spreading the word at their work, it can be really worth it! For me, it was worth a very generous £300 donation from my Auntie’s company! Get your family to spread the word, whether it is to invite people to your events or they may even donate!

Take advantage of every opportunity:
My family and I had an awful experience at a restaurant and were offered vouchers as an apology, instead we asked them to donate to my fund and gave me £200! Turn everything around to getting to your target, always have it in the back of your head…

Anything else?
Another thing, use current events to advertise your future fundraising events so get planning months in advance! Create Facebook events and keep regularly posting in them to keep it fresh in people’s minds and build anticipation and excitement for your event.

Use your imagination and make it fun, that way people will want to come to future events that you hold…

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