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Meet Your Country Leaders! Sophie Tarchini – Thailand

sohpie blog 3Do you have any nicknames?

I don’t really have a nickname, however I am go by the name Sophia here in Thailand, as ‘Sofy’ is a brand of feminine product. Not easy when working with teenagers J


Favourite food?

Oh Thai food has amazing flavors and is very diverse, with some very specific local dishes. I love the classic tum yum fish, which is a very spicy soup with ginger and lemongrass, but I also enjoy some of the Karen specialty such as hang lay.


Languages spoken? Where I am from?

I am originally from Switzerland, so my mother tongue is French and learned German as a second language. English has now become the language I use daily, working in an international environement. As languages are a key part of being overseas I learned basic Arabic while in Lebanon and now focus my efforts on Thai and Karen languages.


What are the trip highlights for volunteers?

Some of the highlights include going around on the back of a pick-up truck, the cultural immersion in rural Thailand and working with the local community

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How many years have you been running operations overseas for FutureSense?

I have been COM since June 2017, but working with the Foundation in Thailand for almost two years now.


What are the remarkable changes which you have seen since the programs first started?

2017 has been an important year for the Thai hub as we refocused our efforts on hilltribes communities, lawa and Karen moving the hub to Mae Sariang area as they are some of the most in need.


What is the volunteer house vibe like?

Our volunteer house is a Traditional Thai house style with a lot of greenery around. It is a fun and interactive house with lots of common area for volunteers to hang out. It feels homey and comfortable.  Next door there is this small coffee shop and the owner phi Pung (Mrs bee) will make sure everyone is feeling at home.

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Why should people come to Thailand? 

There are so many reason to come! However, getting to experience rural Thailand and discover the non-touristic side of the country is definitely a highlight.


What foods should people be trying in Thailand?

Everything, there is amazing street food and local specialties. I would advise the traditional northern sausage, the curries and for the braver some fried insects.


What makes our programs simply unmissable? 

The local community. Thai people are friendly and are eager to engage and learn with our volunteers.

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