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Meet your country leaders! – Sarah Morgan, Cambodia

We took to asking our country leader from Cambodia some questions!
Do you have any nicknames?
“Our housing staff like to call me Ameah – which is an endearing term for “golden”, like my hair 😂”
Favourite food? 
“Rice. All day every day.
But really, I eat a lot of rice – Khmer food is wonderful and there are many delicious foods if you’re willing to try them!”
Languages spoken? 
“I find it really important to attempt to learn the language of the country you live in, therefore I am working HARD on my Khmer fluency. I am seeing major increases in my language comprehension and enjoy speaking with community members even if my pronunciation is terrible. “
What are the trip highlights for volunteers?
“The kids! The children in our school programs are the most genuine around. They want desperately to learn and will always engage with you. You will learn a lot about yourself through your interactions with these bright eyed wonders”
How many years have you been running operations overseas for FutureSense? 
“A year and a half”
What are the remarkable changes which you have seen since the programs first started? 
“Our FREE Supplementary Class program has continued to grow and shift. We are seeing more students in our centers and have almost 100% pass rates! In this last year the volunteers have worked on getting to know the different levels in one classroom – as they can really vary – and make sure that each level is being taught to so that no one is overlooked.
We are also focusing strongly on water and sanitation this year beginning with our pilot Clean Water Project fundraiser, selling super cool water bottles to fund the project. AND we’ve already hit our initial goal! We will be researching the most efficient and cost effective ways to bring clean drinking water to all children in our programs. Additionally we will continue researching issues surrounding water and sanitation and work to enhance our community outreach and education surrounding these issues. “
What is the volunteer house vibe like?
“We’ve got the best volunteer house around! The space is big, inviting, and allows for volunteers from all groups to spend time together whether its on the roof at sunrise/sunset, over a meal, or relaxing in the “taco chairs” in the evenings listening to music.”IMG_5213
Why should people come to Cambodia? 
“Cambodia is a gorgeous country filled with resilient and proud people. Our programs focus on real issues affecting real people and you will get to meet those people and see the work we do – and not only see it, but be part of it! Battambang is an amazing city with tons of good food, great people, and some really fun attractions not to be missed such as Phnom Sampov (“Ship Mountain” where you can witness incredible views, cultural history at the killing caves, and the wonder of the bat caves).”
What foods should people be trying in Cambodia? 
“RAT! Just kidding – although you will see this available everywhere. Khmer delights include fish amok (a thick coconut curry with fish and vegetable steamed in a banana leaf), beef lok lak (tender cubes of steak in a delicious sauce over onions and often a fried egg), fried rice, fried noodle, and amazing soups – among many, many others!”
What makes our programs simply unmissable?
“The Cambodia team works really hard to make sure that your time in country is amazing from beginning to end. We strive to make sure our programs are impacting the communities we work in as well as challenging you to really understand the value of the work you are doing. We want you to realize the bigger picture, our long term goals, and how YOU fit into it all! The program in Cambodia is nothing short of life changing and you will look back on your time with us as one that set the tone for what you will do as a global citizen, making huge positive changes in your life and the lives of others.”
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