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Go where the challenge takes you

Embrace it, embrace everything about it. Go in with an open mind ready for an adventure, because true to its name, Challenges Abroad was.

rebecca-2 With no expectations you’re open to experiencing everything this amazing country has to offer. From the food to the life style, this country has a humble and respectful personality that should be admired.

Cambodia a land so fresh with blood-shed and turmoil rising from the dust.

The people you meet and the bonds you create are life changing, you discover things about yourself you didn’t know you could do. Teach a class why not? Make kids smile hell yeah! Run, chase and tickle until you physically can’t move anymore. That’s what it’s about- teaching, making an impact, letting go of yourself and your pride and to just be. To be fluid like a lotus flowing down a river, go where the challenge takes you.

It is the most difficult, rewarding, humbling experience you want to do over and over again. My time, my experience, my trip, my new friends will never be forgotten.

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