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Why Cambodia Needs You volunteering more Than Ever

Have you ever wanted to know about volunteering in Cambodia? If yes, then this article will definitely help you in getting the information you might be looking for.

Every year, thousands of well-meaning foreigners come to Cambodia to volunteer. A few days of volunteer work have become a must for visitors to Cambodia. As a result, volunteering has become an industry in its own right and has recently been the subject of the much negative press.

Behind this figure, the sectors of activity are multiple – professional education, sustainable tourism, health, agriculture, justice – almost as much as the statutes ofvolunteers.

Till date, Cambodia is the country with the highest concentration of NGOs about its population. So, if you are the one who has keen interest in social welfare then Cambodia is one of the ideal places where you can serve humanity with zeal.

Scroll down to see how you can promote humanitarian services in Cambodia.23215536_371326649987102_5471497193972528756_o


Child Welfare in Cambodia
Joining a humanitarian mission in Cambodia can be a challenge, but also an extremely rewarding experience. Whether you are in a gap year, on vacation, or in a break in your professional career, you can participate in improving the living conditions of children and the local population.

Although Cambodia’s civil war has long since ended, its legacy continues to haunt this beautiful country. Thus, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, and children are particularly vulnerable.

Volunteer work is part of long-term objectives, in line with the action plan for the humanitarian missions. By following the action plans that includes improving English, early childhood development, hygiene awareness and improving children’s lives – you can help the needy people of Cambodia.

Teaching English to Children in Cambodia
Due to a tumultuous past and years of devastation, much of Cambodia’s population has not been fortunate enough to receive a conventional education. Currently, peace has returned, and many Cambodians can more easily access education.

The teaching missions are based in BattamBang, where you can see prosperity and misery rub shoulders. The volunteers of Challenges Abroad helps in improving the lives of Cambodia’s poorest children.
Offering English classes and tutoring for children will give them an extra chance to find a job and have a brighter future. By giving children a good start in life, it is also the future of their community that is at stake!

Public Health in Cambodia
This Public Health mission is ideal for those who are wishing to gain hands-on experience in the health field while assisting communities in need. Whether you are a student seeking a first experience or a professional already working in the field, you will help the most vulnerable populations, by ensuring that they have access to the care they need.

On this public health project, your role is to provide basic health care and to educate and prevent health and illness problems that are common in communities and schools.

You will also have the opportunity to provide health promotion in all the classes kindergarten to primary. These consultations are motivated by a broader concern for the protection of children and contribute to the achievement of our goals for the Children’s Action for Development implementation partner to contribute to early childhood development and to improve the living conditions of children.

All in all, by becoming a part of this mission, you can also work on creating educational presentations to explain local people the importance of public health programs and how they can contribute to them. Apart from this, you can also attend workshops that will help in developing your skills.

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